UFOs – ESL Materials and Lesson Ideas for Teachers

Are you a believer? There are many people out there who believe that aliens have already visited Earth and are in fact living among us! The evidence might not be there but that doesn’t stop people believing in the strange, weird and wonderful. Ever since the strange happenings in Roswell in the United States and the world famous military base Area 51 conspiracy theories have existed. Is there any truth to be found?

A2 - BeginnerB1-2 - IntermediateC1 - Advanced

In this lesson pack, you and your students will read out UFO sightings. The text looks at a few famous UFO sightings and talks about what happened and what people saw. The text is accompanied by a series of comprehension and vocabulary questions. The text contains general vocabulary with some specific vocabulary related to space and conspiracy theories. There is also a simple gap-fill exercise based on passages from the text. The writing and speaking activities require students to be creative as they pretend to have seen a UFO. There are also a series of debate and discussion topics. As always there are vocabulary cards and talking points that can be used as a starter activity.

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