Roommates – EFL Speaking Game

Roommates is a simple speaking game that forces your students to practice making arguments and suggestions.

The aims of this game are to increase fluency, to be able to make an argument, to improve conversational speaking skills, to introduce vocabulary for making suggestions.

Roommates Game - Download

The full Instructions are included in the download.

The situation!
You live with your three friends in an apartment in the city. You have lived together for a long time. One day, your friends tell you that they are moving out. You now need to find three new roommates.
Ready to play?

  • Hand out page one and two. You will see there are 14 people.
  • Read the descriptions of the people and make a short list of your top 5.
  • Discuss the positives and negatives of each person.
  • Decide on your top 3.
  • Read the text at the top of page three (Page three contains more information about everyone).
  • Students must read through this and then make a final decision as a group.

Pre-game activity idea – Room For Rent Ad
Students must create a room for rent ad. They must include a brief description of the room, of themselves and all the essential information. They must also include a description of the type of person they are looking for.

Post-game activity idea
This is a simple role-play activity. You must tell your roommate to leave. Brainstorm structures and expressions for telling someone bad news. Choose one of the roommates from the list. Use the expressions on the last page to help you.