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Podcasts are hugely popular. Ever since the term was coined in 2004 this new media has seen a monumental rise in popularity. There are podcasts out there for every interest and hobby. Podcasts are changing the way people consume content and they have disrupted conventional media channels. Everyone is familiar with what a podcast is but how many people are familiar with the history of podcasting.

A2 - BeginnerB1-2 - Intermediate C1 - Advanced

In this lesson pack, you and your students will take a look back at the history of podcasts. The text looks at the origins of podcasting and how the term was coined. It includes facts, figures, and predictions relating to the consumption of podcasts over the last 15 years. The text includes some specific vocabulary related to podcasting and media. In the lesson pack, there are comprehension and vocabulary questions, a gap-fill exercise, a roleplay speaking task, debate topics, discussion topics, flash cards, talking points as well as a writing task.

The material in this lesson pack compliments classroom work about the media or changing technologies. I can highly recommend following up this class with the Life On The Internet and Advertising Discovery Workbooks. Discovery Workbooks are normally only available to patrons of English Lesson Packs. Find out more.


Explore the ways that the internet is changing our lives. Has social media had a positive or negative impact on people’s lives?

Everywhere you look you see advertising; you can’t escape it. Learn about big brands and how advertising works.

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