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When Bruce Lee was once asked about his style of fighting he replied “My Style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting”. Martial arts have seen an increase in popularity over the last decade with big corporations commercializing turning martial arts into a sport watched by millions around the world. Have you ever learned a particular martial art? If you have maybe you already know that there is more to martial arts than just fighting.

In this lesson pack your students will talk about martial arts. Your students will have the opportunity to read about the true outcomes of training for martial arts as well as discussing and debating about the place of martial arts and fighting in society.

This lesson pack includes: an adapted text, comprehension/vocabulary questions, writing task, gap fill, vocabulary notes section, speaking task (role-play), flash cards, talking points, discussion/debate topics and answers to the gap fill and comprehension questions.

New to EnglishLessonPacks? I strongly suggest looking at the Games and Activities I use with the Lesson Packs. It is an ever increasing list of games and activities that I play using the material in the lesson packs.

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