Guided Lesson Plan – Passing on Information (reading, speaking and listening)

An important skill that all learners need to develop is the ability to accurately read or listen to information, understand it, and then pass on that information. In this guided lesson plan you will teach your students how to do this. This guided lesson plan includes:

  • Warm up activities
  • Teacher’s notes and advice
  • Techniques for teaching gist reading and reading for detail
  • A reading activity
  • A listening activity

  Guided Lesson Plan - Passing On Information

During this lesson, your students will learn about a variety a famous people. The lesson uses very short biographies as resource material (they are included in the PDF). Your students will have the opportunity to work in pairs and as a group. The lesson plan is suitable for both small and large classes. By the end of this class, your students will have learned and practiced techniques for gist reading and reading for detail, practiced speaking and listening and learned new vocabulary.