Guided Lesson Plan – Future tenses and making predictions

In this guided lesson plan you will teach your students how to talk about future events and how to make predictions. This lesson plan covers the use of the following tenses to talk about the future:

  • Present tenses
  • Present continuous
  • Will/Going to
  • Future continuous
  • Future Perfect

Guided Lesson - Future Tenses and Predictions

Your students will have the opportunity to practice the structures through pair work and short activities. The lesson plan also includes opportunities for students to talk freely and express their own ideas and opinions. The class culminates in a creative and detailed role-play activity that sees students act as mystics and customers. By the end of the class your students should be able to:

  • Know the difference between tenses.
  • Use multiple structures to talk about future events.
  • Make simple predictions.

What is a guided lesson plan?

A guided lesson plan is a downloadable PDF that includes everything a teacher needs to give a fun and successful class. The lesson is broken down into parts and follows a logical structure. The lesson plan includes teacher notes and extra creative ideas for those who are able to go the extra mile. Guided lesson plans also include the “teacher’s voice”, these are example sentences that you can repeat to help you introduce a topic or explain an idea.