ESL Treasure Hunt – Solve Clues and Find the Treasure

Solving the clues and finding the secret treasure is what this game is all about. You and your students will work through a series of 10 riddles and puzzles. The riddles will take you all around the world and through a variety of topics. You may instantly know the answer to some but for others, you will need to search long and hard. Don’t worry the answers are included if you or your students get stuck!

Treasure Hunt Game

How it works!

There are 10 different riddles. Each riddle has just one answer. When you think you have the right answer, check to see if it fits the space and if it does fill it in. You will see that in each answer one letter has a box around it, you need to use this letter to complete the web address. Fill in the web address so that the first letter is the letter from the first riddle, the second from the second and so on. When you have all ten letters, type it into a web browser and click go, if you are right it will take you to a secret web page and you will see the treasure!

An internet connection is required to play this game.