ESL Island Adventure – Speaking PowerPoint Game

ESL Island Adventure Game - Download

How would you cope if you were alone on a desert island? Would you make the right decisions in order to survive? This free to download ESL Island adventure game is all about making the right decisions in order to survive.

Your students will be faced with a series of situations with difficult choices to make. Working alone, as a pair or even a group your students must discuss, argue, persuade and reason with each other in order to proceed.

To play the game you need:

A device capable of opening a PowerPoint document

A piece of paper and a pen

2 Dice

ESL Island Adventure Game Screenshots

The game is suitable for a variety of levels. Although absolute beginners will struggle. In my experience, A2 level students have a sufficient level of understanding to play if some of the situations are explained and perhaps simplified by the teacher. There is a small list of words that might be useful to pre-teach. They are included in the teacher’s section at the beginning of the PowerPoint.

In essence, the game is played by clicking through the slides. Your students will first choose a character and shortly after 3 objects that they think will help them survive on the island. Your students do not play against each other but against the game. During the game, your students will be faced with a series of situations in which they have to make a choice out of various options, the result of which could be positive or negative for their survival. The object of the game is to survive until the end and get rescued.

Have Fun!