Don’t Stop Talking – An ESL Speaking Game to Practice Fluency

Don't Stop Talking Game

There is just one thing you can’t do in this game and that is, stop talking! This is a great and simple ESL speaking game that helps students not only practice their fluency but also their listening, pronunciation and quick reading skills. You don’t need any extra materials for this game. Simply print out the PDF, read the instructions and play.

The game is played in pairs with the teacher or another student acting as an adjudicator. Don’t worry if you have a large class as the game lasts 1 min. You can increase or decrease this time depending on the level of your students. For lower levels, I increase the time by 30 seconds and for higher levels, I reduce the time slightly. The game has a lot of replay value and can be a great activity to start off a class and get students warmed up.

Want more?

There is an expansion to this game for patrons of English Lesson Packs. 

Don't Stop Talking Expansion

Personal Note

This game is one of my favorite speaking games for a number of reasons. Not just because you don’t need any additional materials but because it’s great for all levels. It is also a fantastic way to introduce new vocabulary and to review grammar. It is one of the best games I have played for practicing fluency and that’s the important thing to remember with this game. The competitive nature of the game and the time limit that is imposed on students forces them to speak quickly. It also forces students to not only speak quickly but clearly. As you will see this game only rewards people who can communicate quickly and accurately!