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Ahh the sweet smell of coffee in the morning. For some, coffee is a must. It seems that some people just can’t even function without a shot of espresso or a straight black coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and its spread of popularity has allowed many new coffee shops to open. But is it possible to make a great quality coffee at home?

In this lesson pack your students will read about how to make a great cup of gourmet coffee at home. They will have the opportunity to discuss coffee in general including its benefits and negatives. Your students will be able to debate and discuss the health impacts of coffee and will use structures to persuade and convince.

This lesson pack includes: an adapted text, comprehension/vocabulary questions, writing task, gap fill, vocabulary notes section, speaking task (role-play), flash cards, talking points, discussion/debate topics and answers to the gap fill and comprehension questions.

New to EnglishLessonPacks? I strongly suggest looking at the Games and Activities I use with the Lesson Packs. It is an ever increasing list of games and activities that I play using the material in the lesson packs.

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