Clothing and Fashion – ESL Teacher Materials and Activities

A2 - BeginnerB1-2 - IntermediateC1 - Advanced

The clothes you wear can help you to express who you are. Clothing is a lot more than just something functional. The clothes you wear could determine your acceptance into various groups in society. However, keeping up with the latest fashions and trends is difficult and possibly expensive work.

In this lesson pack your students will talk about clothing and fashion. This lesson pack looks at people’s opinion of fashion and clothing. It includes some specific clothing vocabulary as well as general vocabulary for describing trends. Your students will have the opportunity to talk about the importance of fashion and clothing as well as expressing their favorite types of clothing and styles.

This lesson pack includes: an adapted text, comprehension questions, writing task, gap fill, vocabulary notes section, speaking task (role-play), flash cards, talking points, discussion/debate topics and answers to the gap fill and comprehension questions.

New to EnglishLessonPacks? I strongly suggest looking at the Games and Activities I use with the Lesson Packs. It is an ever increasing list of games and activities that I play using the material in the lesson packs.

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