Beach Vacations – ESL Teacher Materials and Activities

As the summer approaches so do thoughts of relaxing in the sun. If you are not lucky enough to have access to a beach you probably might be thinking about going on a beach vacation. But where should you go? With cheap flights readily available at a moment’s notice you can easily book a weekend getaway to the beach. The real question is, where should you go?

A2 - Beginner B1-2 - IntermediateC1 - Advanced

In this lesson pack, your students will read about some top beach destinations. Your students will discuss and read about some of the top beach destinations around the world. They will have the opportunity to talk about their favorite style of vacation, different types of beach activities and the positives and negatives of beach holidays. This lesson pack contains vocabulary for talking about vacations and includes specific vocabulary related to going to the beach. Your students also have a writing task that involves writing a review of a top beach destination. The speaking activity, a role-play, allows your students to practice structures to persuade, in this role-play your students have to persuade their partner to go on a beach vacation instead of going on a city break.

This lesson pack includes an adapted text, comprehension/vocabulary questions, writing task, gap fill, vocabulary notes section, speaking task (role-play), flash cards, talking points, discussion/debate topics and answers to the gap fill and comprehension questions.

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