Astronomy and the Sky at Night – ESL Teacher Lesson Materials

A2 - BeginnerB1-2 - IntermediateC1 - Advanced

The wonders of the sky at night are truly incredible. But how often do we take the time to appreciate what is right above our heads? When was the last time you took a moment and just looked up at night? The stars and planets are easy to forget about in our busy lives so with that in mind let’s take a little bit of time and talk about our place in the universe.

In this lesson pack your students will talk about astronomy and the sky at night. Your students will have the opportunity to talk about topics related to space and exploration. They will learn general vocabulary about space and astronomy. They will also have the opportunity to use vocabulary and grammatical structures to convince and persuade.

This lesson pack includes: an adapted text, comprehension/vocabulary questions, writing task, gap fill, vocabulary notes section, speaking task (role-play), flash cards, talking points, discussion/debate topics and answers to the gap fill and comprehension questions.

New to EnglishLessonPacks? I strongly suggest looking at the Games and Activities I use with the Lesson Packs. It is an ever increasing list of games and activities that I play using the material in the lesson packs.

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