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Teaching can be tough sometimes. What can be even tougher is coming up with great ideas and materials for your classes. Below you can find a ever expanding variety of ready to use teaching materials for your ESL class. The teaching materials are organised by topic. Each topic includes a PDF document of materials for beginners, intermediate students and advanced learners.

Guided Lesson Plan - Small talk and gossip Thumbnail

Guided Lesson Plan – Small Talk and Gossip

Everybody loves a bit of gossip, don’t they? Whether you’re at school or in the office, hearing the latest news and secrets about your colleagues is exciting. An office is also a typical place where small talk happens. Although small talk is about unimportant and trivial things it is an important tool for creating relationships and breaking the ice with new people. It is, therefore, an important tool to teach your students.

English Lesson Packs - History of podcasts

Podcasts – EFL Materials For Teachers

Podcasts are hugely popular. Ever since the term was coined in 2004 this new media has seen a monumental rise in popularity. There are podcasts out there for every interest and hobby. Podcasts are changing...

Don't Stop Talking Expansion

Don’t Stop Talking – Speaking Game – Expansion

There is just one thing you can’t do in this game and that is, stop talking! This is a great and simple ESL speaking game that helps students not only practice their fluency but also their listening, pronunciation and quick reading skills. You don’t need any extra materials for this game. Simply print out the PDF, read the instructions and play.

Roommates – EFL Speaking Game

Roommates is a simple speaking game that forces your students to practice making arguments and suggestions. The aims of this game are to increase fluency, to be able to make an argument, to improve conversational speaking skills, to introduce vocabulary for making suggestions.

Guided Lesson Plan – Passing on Information (reading, speaking and listening)

An important skill that all learners need to develop is the ability to accurately read or listen to information, understand it, and then pass on that information. In this guided lesson plan you will teach your students how to do this. During this lesson, your students will learn about a variety a famous people. The lesson uses very short biographies as resource material (they are included in the PDF). Your students will have the opportunity to work in pairs and as a group. The lesson plan is suitable for both small and large classes.

Word Spin ESL Game

Word Spin – A Simple Warm Up Game to Get Students Thinking

Word Spin is an ESL game that you can play with your students as a warm-up at the beginning of class or as a closing activity. The game is very simple, students must spin a wheel and think of words that contain different two letter combinations. The two-letter combinations have been chosen based on their frequency of occurrence in the English language. The game is suitable for all levels of English students.