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Don't Stop Talking Expansion

Don’t Stop Talking – Speaking Game – Expansion

There is just one thing you can’t do in this game and that is, stop talking! This is a great and simple ESL speaking game that helps students not only practice their fluency but also their listening, pronunciation and quick reading skills. You don’t need any extra materials for this game. Simply print out the PDF, read the instructions and play.

Roommates – EFL Speaking Game

Roommates is a simple speaking game that forces your students to practice making arguments and suggestions. The aims of this game are to increase fluency, to be able to make an argument, to improve conversational speaking skills, to introduce vocabulary for making suggestions.

Word Spin ESL Game

Word Spin – A Simple Warm Up Game to Get Students Thinking

Word Spin is an ESL game that you can play with your students as a warm-up at the beginning of class or as a closing activity. The game is very simple, students must spin a wheel and think of words that contain different two letter combinations. The two-letter combinations have been chosen based on their frequency of occurrence in the English language. The game is suitable for all levels of English students.

Word Throw Game Featured

Word Throw – A Board Game to Review Vocabulary.

Word Throw is an ESL board game to review vocabulary or grammar. It can be easily adapted to review any type of vocabulary or grammar you wish. It is suitable for 2,3 or 4 players. If you have more than 4 students in your class you can have two or more games running simultaneously. Word Throw also requires your students to be strategic!

Story Builder Game

Story Builder – A Creative Way to Create Stories

Writing a story in a foreign language is a challenging task. In order to make it slightly easier for students this activity gives them the foundation. The aim of this activity is to help your students not only develop their creative writing but also to practice and review vocabulary, grammar, and word order.

The Lost Ruby ESL Speaking Game

Fantasy Adventure Game – ESL Speaking Games

This fantasy adventure called “The Lost Ruby” is a PowerPoint game that takes students on a journey through a fantasy land in a quest to find lost keys in order to open the black gate, defeat the dark lord and reclaim the lost ruby, the light of the kingdom. The game is played as a group of 5 heroes who have to work together in order to succeed. On each turn, your students will be faced with difficult decisions in which they must work together in order to come to a solution.