Discovery Workbook – Space

Throughout the 20th century and now into the 21st-century humans have made great progress in space. Space is a topic that captivates the imagination, it is able to inspire and awe. Many children grow up with the dream of becoming an astronaut and to travel into space. Unfortunately, only a few actually reach the end. Only 556 people have traveled into space. However, as technology advances and more and more companies are getting involved in space exploration will it be possible for you to travel into space in the future? In this Discovery Workbook, you and your students will look at the history of human space exploration, astronaut training, the international space station and the future of space travel.

Discovery Workbook - Space

The beginner section looks at famous and historical moments in space exploration which students must into a timeline. It incorporates some basic vocabulary about space and exploration.

Discovery-Workbook Space-Beginner-Page

Famous and historical events in space exploration.

The intermediate section focuses on astronaut training. It includes articles about the requirement to become an astronaut and a video about astronauts training for a mission to the International Space Station. This section also includes an audio activity about record-breaking astronaut Sunita Willaims. It also includes

The advanced section looks forward, to the future of space exploration. It includes audio and video activities about SpaceX and their new Falcon Heavy rocket. Answers are included.