Discovery Workbook – Life On The Internet

Over the last decade, the internet has become a major part of our lives either directly or indirectly. We use it to shop, to socialize, to work, and much more. In this Discovery Workbook, you and your students will look at how we use the internet and the relationship we have with it.

Discovery Workbook - Life On The Internet

The beginner activities are focused on what people use the internet for and who is using the internet. You will see some statistics about internet usage and will have the opportunity to talk about how you compare. In the second half of the beginner section, you will look at the advantages and disadvantages of social media. This section includes a video activity too.

First Page - Life On The Internet

This is the first page of the Life On The Internet Discovery Workbook


Intermediate students will learn new vocabulary that has been coined and spread on the internet. There are lots of activities to practice the vocabulary. The intermediate section also introduces the topic of privacy online. There is also an audio activity related to recent revelations about social media and privacy.

The end of the workbook explores the future of the internet, in particular, what part virtual reality might play. This last section also includes a video-based activity.