Discovery Workbook – Festivals

There is a common theme that all festivals share whether they are based on religious dates, geological events, moments in culture or history, or music and that is that they bring people together. While some festivals have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years and have simple traditions, modern day music festivals are a huge undertaking that requires millions to set up and attract hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In this Discovery Workbook, you and your students will explore different types of festivals from around the world.

Discovery Workbook - Festivals

The beginner section looks at famous traditional festivals from around the world. It also introduces some vocabulary to talk about festivals. Students have to opportunity to talk about festivals in their country.

The intermediate section looks at modern-day festivals and compares the famous music festival Woodstock with a modern music festival, Tomorrowland. Students have a series of video-based activities and questions.


The intermediate section focuses on festivals past and present.

The advanced section introduces more vocabulary and idioms to talk about festivals. There are activities to practice and review the vocabulary. The main focus of the advanced section is a listening activity about the Diwali festival. There are comprehension questions and opportunities for students to talk about points raised in the audio. Answers are included.