Discovery Workbook – Fears and Phobias

Are you afraid of the dark? Maybe you are scared of heights. Or could it be the things that creep and crawl in the night? This Discovery Workbook explores the topics of fears and phobias. Everyone has a fear or phobia of something. You might even know someone with a strange or peculiar phobia like turophobia, the fear of cheese. Phobias and fears come in all shapes and sizes, everything from a small nuisance to a life crippling fear. A closely related feeling is the feeling of anxiety. The symptoms of being in fear and being anxious are very similar. With the pressures of modern living more and more people suffer from anxiety. What is also important is how do you overcome your fears. This Discovery Workbook also looks at ways to overcome fears and phobias.

Discovery Workbook - Fears and Phobias

The beginner section of this workbook looks at common fears and phobias. Students must talk about pictures and use vocabulary to talk about how they feel when they are afraid. It also looks at the common mistakes using adjectives such as scared and scary.


The first page of the beginner section of the Fears and Phobias Discovery Workbook.

The intermediate section looks at strange fears and phobias. Your students will be introduced to more complex vocabulary and will complete a “would you rather activity?”. The intermediate section also looks at overcoming fears and phobias. It includes an article and vocabulary section.

The advanced section contains further expressions and idioms for talking about fears and phobias. It includes a gap-fill exercise and two listening activities, one about overcoming the fear of flying and the other about research into anxiety.

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