ESL Discovery Workbook – Food

In this Discovery Workbook, you and your students will journey through the world of food. Discovery Workbooks contain materials and activities for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Discovery Workbook - Food

The beginner activities are about food from around the world. You will talk about popular dishes and learn food adjectives to describe them. You will also follow a recipe for a popular dish and learn verbs related to food preparation. There are multiple opportunities to practice and review this vocabulary.


The intermediate section activities look at the world of food reviews. This section introduces more vocabulary and structures for talking about food but also gives you will the opportunity to use the vocabulary from the beginner sections. It also includes a series of discussion questions.

The advanced section includes an audio activity. In this audio, you will hear about a man who decided to eat the same food every day for a year. There are a series of vocabulary and comprehension questions that accompany the audio. There is also a series of writing tasks associated with this topic. The advanced section also includes a video-based activity that tackles the topic of fast food.