Discovery Workbook – Animals and Humans

As the human population grows we are having a greater influence on the rest of the animal kingdom. For those like me that live in a big city, imagining a lion hunting in the savannah or a chimpanzee swinging in the treetops of the jungle is another world completely. In this Discovery Workbook, you and your students will explore the relationships that humans have with animals.

Discovery Workbook - Animals and Humans

The beginner activities are focused on two aspects. First, you will talk about animals and read some fascinating facts that you might not know about. The second half of the beginner activities looks at one of the roles animals play in our lives. Many animals have jobs. You will look at an incredible example of a not so loved animal that is helping save human lives. This section also includes two videos.

The intermediate section includes some vocabulary games to practice some of the verbs and nouns from the beginner section. It also starts on the topic of zoos and asks for your opinion. You will look at a very famous animal park and have the opportunity to design your own fantasy animal park. Towards the end of the intermediate section, you will be introduced to the topic of cloning.

The advanced section builds on the topic of cloning and introduces the topic of pets. In this section, you will listen to an audio about cloning pets. The advanced section also includes some vocabulary to talk about the physical appearance and behavioral traits of animals. It concludes with a video and a gap-fill exercise.