Discovery Workbook – Advertising

Advertising is all around us, literally, everywhere you look you can see some form of advertisement. Advertising is big business too, businesses spend more than $500 billion a year trying to get customers to buy their products. Some of the biggest companies today make most of their money by selling advertising. With news stories about privacy and companies selling data for a profit, advertising is a hot topic. Advertisements have come a long way over the last 100 years and who knows what types of advertising we will have in the future. In this Discovery Workbook, you and your students will look at various topics within the world of advertising including logos, brands, truth versus reality and advertising in the digital age.

Discovery Workbook - Advertising

The beginner section looks at how much big brands spend on advertising. It also includes adjectives for describing brands. It goes on to compare different brands and asks the question why do we choose one brand over another?

The first page of the Discovery Workbook – Advertising

The intermediate section starts with looking at advertisements or commercials on TV. In particular, it looks at ads played during the Super Bowl. The intermediate section also includes a table of persuasive vocabulary and a storyboard activity that allows students to create their own ad.

The advanced section starts with a look behind the scenes of a McDonald’s photo shoot and then goes on to look at the future of advertising. It includes two listening activities and a video.