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Go to Travelling Alone – Teacher

Travelling Alone – Teacher

In this lesson pack your students will talk and read about travelling alone. Students will encounter typical vocabulary related to travelling and vocabulary to express emotions and feelings.

Go to Travelling Alone – Student

Travelling Alone – Student

Have you ever travelled alone? Travelling can be a fantastic opportunity to explore the world and yourself! Many people say that travelling alone has given them incredible skills and experiences.

Go to Games and Activities

Games and Activities

Whether you have an ESL class of children, teenagers or adults, incorporating games and dynamic activities is a must. As well as completing all of the activities that I include in every pack I love extending the material by playing these games.

Go to Dreams – Student

Dreams – Student

What are your dreams? Do you want to travel the world? Or maybe you want to be fluent in many languages. We all have dreams but achieving them is another question.